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Compassion Women’s Center is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry that serves women, men, families, and unborn babies who reside primarily in the Rogers County, Oklahoma, area. Compassion Women’s Center offers pregnancy testing, information about adoption, parenting, and abortion, childbirth and parenting classes, post abortion support and retreats, miscarriage and infant loss support and remembrance events, and serves as a resource for local assistance programs.


The mission of Compassion Women’s Center is to empower women, families, and unborn babies to thrive through education, resources, and Christ-centered support.


Compassion Women’s Center’s vision is to see families thrive and mothers choose life in all circumstances.


Compassion Women’s Center’s core values begin with the statement, “We embrace Christ-centered values as we strive to fulfill our mission.” From there the values are listed as Compassion, Integrity, Community-focus, and Empowerment. Each value is followed by an identifying statement and scripture citation. 


The idea of Compassion Women’s Center was first planted on the founding member’s heart by the Holy Spirit in 2013 during a sermon by the former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Inola. Compassion Women's Center opened in Inola, Oklahoma, in May of 2014 and began offering pregnancy testing and education on pregnancy options. In 2017, volunteers attended a training class on how to effectively run a post-abortive care weekend retreat. The program of Forgiven and Set Free took wings after the workshop, and Compassion Women's Center positive reputation grew in the community.

Compassion Women's Center move to Claremore in January 2019 spurred rapid growth in all programs offered by Compassion Women's Center and increased the number of volunteers. Empowerment Parenting classes alone grew 43% during the first year Compassion Women's Center was in Claremore.


Compassion Women's Center was awarded their first grant in late 2019. The Butterfield Foundation’s grant is designated for Empowerment Parenting Courses associated with Empowerment Parenting. The awarding of the grant signifies the confidence the Butterfield Foundation has in Compassion Women's Center's ability to properly serve their community. Compassion Women's Center obtained two additional grants in 2020.


Should you like to support Compassion Women’s Center’s ministry, you may do so by clicking donate. We would also like to have you serve as a volunteer if you feel God moving you in that direction. We ask that at least you pray for our ministry to fulfill our mission that God has set before us.


Stand With Us

Support our families

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) clinic that exists to educate, equip and encourage women dealing with decisions on the issues of pregnancy, parenting and abortion. We invite you to stand with our families across Oklahoma who are facing unplanned pregnancies.


Your gift will provide them with free care, a confidential and loving environment to explore their options, and useful resources to educate them and open opportunities for a bright future.

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