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Now that you know you are pregnant, you may be wondering what to do next. Compassion Women’s Center of Rogers County understands that dealing with an unexpected pregnancy can be a confusing and emotional time.

You do not need to go through this time alone. Let our caring volunteers truthfully answer the questions you have and go over all your pregnancy options with you, including parenting, adoption, and available community resources. We’re here to help you explore the possibilities to determine what is ultimately the right choice for you. No one will judge you regardless of the decision you make.


The thought of being a parent can be scary for even a woman who is trying to have a baby. The idea of parenting for a woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming. We frequently hear:

How do I tell my boyfriend?

Can I finish school?

How will I afford to care for a child?

I’m only six weeks pregnant. Is it really a baby?

Should I put my baby up for adoption?

My boyfriend is pressuring me into having an abortion. What do I do?

Schedule an appointment so we can help answer these and other questions you have. Our volunteers will spend as much time as you need to talk through your questions. Our Claremore, Oklahoma, office is a comfortable and safe environment. All your conversations with us are confidential and there is never a charge for any of our services.


At the moment of conception, all the genetic information that is needed to make a child a distinct person has been decided. During that split second, a baby's eye and hair color, along with whether the baby has mom’s or dad’s facial features, are determined. [1] Even the sex of the baby is settled. [2]

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