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Being unexpectedly pregnant or having a planned pregnancy can  bring parenting challenges, especially if you are a first-time parent. Besides being nervous about what your future will bring, you may be wondering about what type of things to expect while you are pregnant or during labor and delivery or when caring for your infant.

Compassion Women’s Center of Rogers County offers one hour prenatal and childbirth classes that are free of charge. Our class curriculum is evidenced based and physician approved. You will meet one on one with a caring, qualified volunteer or in a group setting with others just like you.


You will discover and learn about things, such as what to expect during each trimester; and interesting things, such as how eye contact with your baby helps with bonding or the benefits of breastfeeding or what to expect during labor and delivery. There are even classes that focus just on mom so she learns things, like big belly hacks, and how to care for herself after birth.

There is no reason for any new parent to go through pregnancy wondering what to expect while pregnant, or in labor, or what will occur after the baby is born. We are here to go through the pregnancy experience with you if you will allow us that privilege.

​Contact Compassion Women’s Center for more information about the classes and the opportunity to build relationships that will empower you during your pregnancy and beyond.


Only 5% of babies are born on their due date. [1] Be patient, babies set their own time table for their grand entrance into the world.

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