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Happy Adoptive Parents



Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy can send your mind racing with a million different thoughts on what actions you should take. You may think raising a child is not right for you at this time. Maybe you feel there isn’t enough money or you aren’t ready to put your life on hold or you don’t have enough support to be a parent. It’s possible the baby’s dad is pressuring you or he may no longer be in the picture.

Even though adoption may not be one of the first options that came to mind. Being a parent through adoption is one of the most caring, loving, and difficult things you may ever do. After weighing all your options, adoption may ultimately be the right choice for you and your baby. 


The volunteers at Compassion Women’s Center are here to help you explore the option of adoption. Our office in Claremore, Oklahoma is a comfortable and safe environment to work through all the questions you have during an unexpected pregnancy.


Our primary goal is to empower you to make the best decision based on your situation. Our services are always free, confidential, and provided in a caring and judgment free manner. We do not do adoption placement, but we can refer you to trusted people who do.


Many times a woman does not choose adoption because she doesn’t understand how it works. Adoption today is far different than what it was even 10 years ago. Now you are in control of the adoption process. You can choose the type of adoption that you believe will best fit you and your baby.

There are three primary types of adoption. They are open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

An open adoption is where information is shared between the birth mother and the adoptive parents. [1] The adoptive parents may take part in the preparations for birth and be there at the time of birth. Some amount of contact is maintained with the adoptive parents and your child even after birth. The amount of contact varies in each adoption and is your choice.

A semi-open adoption allows the mother to still determine which family she believes would be the best fit for her baby. The birth mother may have some contact with the adoptive parents prior to the birth or she may remain anonymous. [2] Contact with the adoptive parents usually stops after the baby’s birth even though some may choose to share pictures.

In an anonymous or closed adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents remain anonymous. [3] They never meet or share information about each other. The adoption records are sealed and there is no way for the adoptive parents or child to learn the identity of the birth mother or the birth mother to learn about them. The only information that is shared is the birth mother’s medical history.


The definition of a hero is a person who is known for their courage, sacrifice, and willingness to put the life of another before their own. Birth mothers are heroes that have an unending capacity to love.

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