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Baby and Mother Sleeping



Parenting a baby or toddler brings joy and laughter as you watch your child reach each milestone in their development. Seeing that first step is always a momentous occasion.

Parenting a baby or toddler can also bring up questions on how to get your baby to sleep, or how old should the child be to start potty training, or how to handle and support your toddler during the “I can do it myself”or “No” phase. You may also wonder about how to improve your child’s self-confidence, or how to handle toddler tantrums, or is this nonstop crying PURPLE CRYING, or even how to balance the desire to be a super mom with caring for yourself.

Compassion Women’s Center of Rogers County can help you answer those questions and many more with our free, evidence-based parenting classes held at our office in Claremore, Oklahoma. The classes are created using scientific studies and outcome-based positive research. The classes help parents make sound decisions in caring for their child during the first few years of life and are reassuring to parents that they are on the right track.

The parenting classes are one on one or are held in a group setting with other parents just like you. All classes are run by our trained volunteers who enjoy getting to know you and your child. You may well build relationships in these classes that last a lifetime.

We would like to walk through the journey of early parenthood with you. Contact Compassion Women’s Center for more information or to enroll in free our weekly classes.


The right time to potty train really depends on the child. Most children show signs of readiness between 18 and 24 months. [1] Some aren't ready until 3 years old. Wait to start until they can stay dry for 2 hours and walk to and sit on the potty.

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