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A baby’s death, whenever it occurs, is a profound loss that touches many family members. Grief, and second guessing yourself on if you did anything wrong is a crushing experience. There is no shortage of pain in this traumatic loss.

We at Compassion Women’s Center of Rogers County are here to help with the many emotions you are feeling. We will listen, hold your hand, and wrap our arms around you in love. We will walk through the journey of grief with you.


Please do not feel you are alone at this time or that no one understands. Many of our volunteers have experienced this same sadness and want to comfort and help you heal in the time frame that is right for you.


We will meet you at our Claremore, Oklahoma, office or talk with you over the phone. We are here to help you grieve your loss in whatever manner is best for you.


We also provide a comfort bag full of items we would like to share with you as you navigate through this difficult time. Please contact us to receive your comfort bag.

Compassion Women’s Center holds three remembrance ceremonies a year. You are welcome to attend our spring butterfly release, October candle lighting, and the Christmas ornament making events. All remembrance events are free of charge, and you do not have to meet with us prior to attending. We would be honored if you would allow us to help you cherish your child at one of these events.


Signs of grief may vary from person to person. It does not mean that each person’s grief is not real and equally as painful. In the mother signs may be more pronounced because of the hormonal shifts occurring in her body. A father may feel helpless and inadequate because he couldn’t protect the baby, and he can’t fix the loss.

Some signs of grief people may experience are: Crying; feelings of loneliness and isolation; inability to sleep; anger and irritability; a need to talk about the death and the details surrounding it; aching arms and frequent sighing; and feelings of guilt and blame.

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