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Woman Sad After An Abortion



Having an abortion can be a very difficult experience and leave you struggling with feelings of guilt, regret, anger, betrayal, depression, anxiety, and numbness. [1] These feelings may happen immediately after the abortion or even years later.

Your feelings are unique to you, and you do not need to be ashamed of them or try to hide them. It is not uncommon for a woman to have regrets after experiencing an abortion. We at Compassion Women’s Center of Rogers County are here to help you process your feelings in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment.

Compassion Women’s Center offers an individual six week program to work through your feelings about your abortion and help you come to terms with them. The program ends with a weekend spiritual retreat where you can release those final feelings, in a group setting or one on one with us, and leave the retreat hopeful, forgiven, and healed.


There are several factors that contribute to a women having an increased risk of a negative emotional reaction to an abortion. [2] Some of the factors that predispose a women are:

  • Feeling she was pressured into terminating the pregnancy

  • Terminating a wanted pregnancy

  • Lack of support from a partner or parent to have the baby

  • Believes she has to keep the abortion a secret

  • Feelings of low self esteem or lack of control over her life

  • Family, friends or partner not wanting her to have an abortion

  • Prior mental health issues

  • Having had a prior abortion



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